An SR-22 Filing is a document or electronic certification issued by an auto insurance company that verifies to the state that you have an auto insurance policy with the state minimum liability limits. If you are required to maintain this filing, you will be notified by the state.

An SR-22 is a financial responsibility certification that is sometimes required for high risk auto insurance customers by the state Department of Motor Vehicles or Public Safety after you have been involved in an accident with no auto insurance, or if an accident is due to excessive driving violations on your part.

The General® can help you:
  • Obtain the proper documentation
  • Purchase an affordable auto insurance policy
  • Get back out on the road

How long are SR-22 Filings Required?

This can vary by state and by severity of the offense. The typical requirement is three years. If you cancel your policy prior to the termination date, the Insurance Company is obligated to file an SR-26 notifying the state that you no longer have insurance.

SR-22 Filings from The General®

We provide SR-22 Filings in most states. Simply indicate that an SR-22 Filing is needed while getting your free quote. The SR-22 insurance form will be included with your policy documents after you have applied for and purchased your auto insurance policy online. You can literally have your SR-22 form in a matter of minutes.

** Please note that The General® can only file an SR-22 in the state where your auto insurance policy has been issued.

SR-22 Contact Information:

The General® - Sales and Customer Service

Alabama Motor Vehicle Division
(334) 242-9000

Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles

Arizona Department of Transportation

Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle
(501) 682-4692

California Department of Motor Vehicles
(916) 657-6677

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles
(303) 205-5613

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Within Hartford area and outside Connecticut
    (860) 263-5700
  • Elsewhere in Connecticut
    (800) 842-8222

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles
(302) 744-2500

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
(850) 922-9000

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety
(678) 413-8400

Idaho Transportation Department
(208) 334-8000

Illinois Department of Driver Services
(217) 782-3720

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
(317) 232-2840

Iowa Department of Transportation
(515) 239-1101

Kansas Driver Control Bureau
(785) 296-3671

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
(877) 368-5463

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
(207) 624-9000

Maryland Department of Transportation

Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services
(651) 296-6911

Missouri Department of Revenue
(573) 526-2407

Mississippi Department of Public Safety
(601) 987-1212

Montana Vehicle Division
(406) 444-3933

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles
(603) 227-4000

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
(402) 471-2281

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
(800) 344-0483

New Mexico Department of Transportation
(505) 827-5100

North Carolina Department of Transportation
(919) 715-7000

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department
(701) 282-5070

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
(614) 752-7700

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
(405) 425-2820

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles
(503) 945-5001

Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles
(800) 932-4600

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles
(401) 462-4368

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
(803) 896-5000

South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division
(605) 773-3541

Tennessee Department of Safety
(615) 741-3954

Texas Department of Public Safety
(512) 424-2101

Utah Department of Motor Vehicles
1-800-DMV-UTAH (800-368-8824)

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
1-888 99-VERMONT (888-998-3766)

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
(866) 368-5463

Washington Department of Licensing
(360) 902-3900

Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles
(202) 737-4404

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles
(304) 926-3499

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
(608) 266-2353

Wyoming Department of Transportation