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SR22 Insurance

What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certification issued by your car insurance company to prove you have the minimum coverages required by your state. If you are required to hold an SR-22, you will be notified by the state.

The certification is usually mandatory for drivers involved in at-fault accidents while driving without insurance, drivers convicted of a DUI, drivers who’ve had their license revoked or suspended, or someone who’s had many tickets and/or traffic offenses in a relatively short amount of time.

The General® can help navigate through the often-confusing SR-22 insurance world, with everything from the SR-22 form (usually referred to as an SR-22 bond, SR-22 form, or an SR-22 certificate) and hopefully provide you with cheap SR-22 insurance that you can depend on.

The General® can help you:

  • Obtain the proper SR-22 documentation
  • Purchase an affordable auto insurance policy
  • Get back out on the road

How long are SR-22 Filings Required?

Dog looking out a windowThis can vary by state and by severity of the offense. The typical SR-22 insurance requirement is three years. If you cancel your policy prior to the termination date, the Insurance Company is obligated to file an SR-26 notifying the state that you no longer have insurance.

How do I file for an SR-22?

People sittingIn most states, your insurance company can handle the filing of your SR-22 for you. If not, you may have to file your SR-22 form directly with the DMV (see below for contact info).

If you choose the General® as your SR-22 car insurance company – a great choice – we can help you take the headache out of dealing with your SR-22 bond.

How much does an SR-22 form cost to file?

Person pressing buttons on a calculatorThe fee to file your SR-22 is usually around $25. If this is your first time with The General®, who will proudly provide you with cheap SR-22 insurance, you’ll see the fee for your SR-22 included in your insurance quote.

How do I check the status of my SR-22?

Woman checking her phoneIf you’re required to file an SR-22 form, you usually have to keep it for three years. To see if your SR-22 has expired, you can call The General® Sales and Customer Service line at 1-844-328-0306 or call your local DMV office.

SR-22 Filings from The General®

Woman with headset smilingWe provide SR-22 filings in most states. Simply indicate that an SR-22 filing is needed while getting your free quote. The SR-22 insurance form will be included with your policy documents after you have applied for and purchased your auto insurance policy online. You can literally have your SR-22 form in a matter of minutes.

** Please note that The General® can only file an SR-22 in the state where your auto insurance policy has been issued.

SR-22 Contact Information:

The General® - Sales and Customer Service

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Alabama Motor Vehicle Division

(334) 242-9000

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Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle

(501) 682-4692

California Department of Motor Vehicles

(916) 657-6677

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

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Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

(302) 744-2500

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

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Idaho Transportation Department

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Illinois Department of Driver Services

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Iowa Department of Transportation

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Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

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Maryland Department of Transportation

(410) 768-7000

Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services

(651) 296-6911

Missouri Department of Revenue

(573) 526-2407

Mississippi Department of Public Safety

(601) 987-1212

Montana Vehicle Division

(406) 444-3933

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

(603) 227-4000

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

(402) 471-2281

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

(800) 344-0483

New Mexico Department of Transportation

(505) 827-5100

North Carolina Department of Transportation

(919) 715-7000

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Department

(701) 282-5070

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

(614) 752-7700

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

(405) 425-2820

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

(503) 945-5001

Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles

(800) 932-4600

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

(401) 462-4368

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

(803) 896-5000

South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division

(605) 773-3541

Tennessee Department of Safety

(615) 741-3954

Texas Department of Public Safety

(512) 424-2600

Utah Department of Motor Vehicles

1-800-DMV-UTAH (800-368-8824)

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

1-888 99-VERMONT (888-998-3766)

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

(866) 368-5463

Washington Department of Licensing

(360) 902-3900

Washington D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles

(202) 737-4404

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles

(304) 926-3499

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

(608) 266-2353

Wyoming Department of Transportation

(307) 777-4375