Getting back on the road after a license suspension can be a long and expensive journey. Even if your car stays in the garage, it’s important to avoid lapses in coverage that can result in higher future premiums. Securing coverage for high-risk drivers can be costly, but there are ways to get affordable insurance with a suspended license. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best deal on car insurance with a suspended license.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep Insurance Active: Avoid higher future premiums by maintaining insurance coverage while your license is suspended.
  • License Options and Record Improvement: Seek restricted licenses if possible and improve things like your driving record and credit scores to qualify for better insurance rates.
  • Compare and Specialize: Always shop around for multiple quotes and consider insurers who specialize in high-risk drivers and suspended licenses for the best deals.

Why Is My License Suspended?

Your license can be suspended for a variety of reasons. A license suspension is a common consequence of serious driving-related offenses, such as a DUI or a hit-and-run. However, less serious offenses can warrant a license suspension if the driver has multiple prior violations on their record. Some states use a system where drivers accrue points for every driving violation, and drivers who exceed a certain number of points can have their licenses suspended.

Why Do I Need Insurance While My License Is Suspended?

Try to avoid canceling your insurance if your license is suspended in the middle of your policy. While this might seem like a good way to save money, it could cost you more over time. If your insurance lapses, your premiums will likely increase substantially the next time you shop for car insurance. Drivers with gaps in their coverage can pay up to 30% more in insurance premiums than their counterparts. Additionally, many states require drivers to meet their minimum liability coverage requirements if they have a car in their name. Drivers who don’t observe these rules can be hit with longer suspension periods and fines.

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How to Get Affordable Car Insurance with a Suspended License

Drivers with suspended licenses usually have limited options when it comes to car insurance, as most insurers will deny coverage to customers who can’t legally drive. Despite these obstacles, it’s possible to find affordable rates post-license suspension with the following advice.

Apply for a Restricted or Conditional License

If you have a suspended license, applying for a restricted license through your DMV may be your most effective option. A restricted license restores driving rights to applicants who need to drive under specific circumstances, like during their daily commute to work. Requirements for obtaining a restricted license vary by state, and drivers who have had prior license suspensions might not qualify. Some states also offer conditional licenses—licenses that reinstate your ability to drive on the condition that you take a specific driving course.

Insurance providers that offer non-standard policies for high-risk drivers are the best place to find affordable insurance for shoppers with restricted, conditional, or suspended licenses.

Purchase SR-22 Insurance

If your license was revoked for a serious offense, such as a DUI, your DMV may require proof of SR-22 insurance before they reinstate your license. Your insurer will need to fill out a form for your DMV that proves you’ve met your state’s minimum insurance requirements. Drivers who need an SR-22 are often considered high-risk drivers and typically pay more for car insurance. In this case, non-standard insurance carriers are your best bet.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

Since each insurer weighs your driving record differently when calculating your rate, it’s important to shop around to see who is offering the best deal.

Look for High-Risk Insurers

High-risk insurers specialize in offering coverage to drivers who struggle to find insurance elsewhere due to their flawed driving history. These insurers understand the complexities of auto insurance with a suspended license and can provide tailored and affordable coverage options that accommodate your needs.

Improve Your Driving Record

Taking steps to improve your driving record can make you less of a financial risk and subsequently help reduce your insurance premiums over time. You can improve your record by taking driving courses, avoiding new traffic violations, and responsibly managing any conditions on a restricted or suspended license.

Raise Your Credit Score

Many insurance companies consider your credit score when calculating your premium. Working on improving your credit score can indirectly improve your car insurance rates. Paying bills on time, reducing debt, and checking your credit report for errors are practical steps you can take to improve your credit standing.

How to Avoid Future Suspensions

Prevent future license suspensions and maintain affordable car insurance with these tips:

  • Adopt Safe Driving Practices: Always obey the speed limit, avoid distractions, and follow road signs. Safe driving reduces your risk of violations and accidents, keeping your driving record clean.
  • Stay Informed: Laws and regulations can change, so it’s important to stay informed to make sure you’re in accordance with all laws while you’re on the road.
  • Regularly Review Your Insurance Policy: Maintain insurance that meets your needs and complies with state requirements. Your carrier can help you adjust your policy as your circumstances change, ensuring you always have the right amount of coverage.

Here at The General, we believe that everyone deserves quality insurance at an attainable price. We specialize in affordable, non-standard packages for high-risk drivers, including customers with suspended licenses. If you’re in the process of comparing quotes, get a free quote from The General in under two minutes. If you require an SR-22 policy to get your license reinstated, The General can help you acquire the proper documentation online within minutes.