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How to Get a Car Insurance Quote Online

The General allows you to get a free, no-commitment car insurance quote in just two minutes.

Step 1: Provide General Information

To get started, we’ll ask you a few questions about your personal information, including your zip code, age, credit score, marital status, etc. These factors can all influence the price of your premiums.

Step 2: Provide Drivers Information

We want to know about your driving history—both good and bad! We’ll look at things like your driving record, SR-22 status, DUIs, and how often you drive your car.

Step 3: Enter Vehicle Information

Input the make, model, and year of your car, in addition to any safety features that could make you eligible for a discount.

Step 4: Get Your Quote

That’s it! The General will generate your free quote in under two minutes.

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How to Buy Car Insurance Online

Buying car insurance online with The General is as easy as getting the quote! Once you start your policy, you’ll get proof of insurance right away. We offer a number of payment options for you as well.

  • Payment plans - In most states, instead of paying the full premium right away, get started on your policy with a down payment. Then, you can pay for your insurance in installments.
  • Credit cards (varies by state)
  • Electronic checks (varies by state)

Quote & Buying Insurance Information

You can get proof of insurance online immediately

Once you have made your down payment, you will be prompted to electronically sign your application and then you can print your proof of insurance.

You need to include all of the drivers / residents in your household

All residents of your household age 14 and older (in most states) and any other individuals who regularly operate your vehicle must be either listed as a driver or excluded from coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most states we offer monthly payment plans and our quote defaults to the lowest plan we offer.

Yes, an SR-22 can be filed in the state where you are applying for insurance.

Yes, if you have been licensed at some point (e.g., have a driver’s license number) you can purchase a policy with The General.

Yes. However if you require an SR-22 Financial Responsibility filing, it cannot be issued for an out-of-state license.

Yes, you can add coverage and/or modify limits to meet your specific needs.

The initial quote provided by The General includes the minimum coverage required by the state. Coverage can be added, and limits modified, after receiving the initial quote.

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