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Cheap Car Insurance

You Want Flexible, Cheap Car Insurance?

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If you wish auto insurance providers offered more affordable, flexible payment programs to people who need it… well, you’ve come to the right place to buy your car insurance online.

At The General®, we're committed to helping you create some space in your budget with an affordable auto insurance policy. The General® has a cheap, flexible plan for everyone - including:

  • New car owners
  • Drivers with a history of driving violations or accidents
  • Drivers with lapsed auto insurance policies
  • Individuals with less than perfect credit
  • Anyone looking for a more affordable car insurance policy

Affordable Auto Insurance Policies and Low Cost Payment Plans

Man and woman looking at a billWe can help you get the car insurance you need at a price you can afford. The General® not only makes auto insurance policies affordable, we also make them easy to pay.

We're committed to providing low down payment options. Additionally, our payment plans provide you with flexibility in selecting a payment schedule. Plus we offer both 6-month and12-month policies, as well as monthly payment plans for all customers.

That’s right, we care about our customers. Yes, you’re getting cheap auto insurance, but you’re also getting fantastic customer service. That’s just the way we do things here at The General®.

Get a Free Quote, Pay Online, Get Instant Proof of Insurance

Woman paying online with her tabletOnce you see how affordable an auto insurance policy is, you can pay your car insurance premium online, and even print out your proof of insurance card.

Protect yourself and other drivers with a cheap car insurance policy that will pay for itself time and time again by offering you peace of mind. Because The General® isn’t just cheap auto insurance, it’s quality service as well.

Find out exactly how low your down payment can be - get a free auto insurance quote online in less than 2 minutes. No personal information required.

Frequently Asked Payment/Payment Plan Questions:

What payment plans does The General® offer for its affordable insurance?

The General® makes affordable auto insurance easy. We provide monthly payment plans for all customers. We will show you how much your initial down payment would be – and what your subsequent monthly payments will be – with your free car insurance quote. Getting cheap car insurance should never have to be a headache!

Can payments for my low-cost car insurance be automatically charged to my credit card or withdrawn from my bank account each month?

Yes! We give you the ability to "auto pay" your affordable auto insurance policy each month using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover) or bank account. This saves you time and ensures that your car insurance is paid and intact. Set it once and don't ever worry about it again.

Can I make my monthly payments online?

Yes! We make paying your auto insurance policy online convenient and fast. Just select the tab "Manage My Policy" from our home page to make monthly payments via credit card or bank draft. It's that easy!

Do I get a discount if I pay my policy in full?

Yes, we offer a discount to customers who pay in full in most states. Where applicable, discounts are offered to customers who pay their auto insurance policies in full for both 12-month and 6-month policies. In addition, some states offer discounts when choosing to pay quarterly. No matter what you decide, you can have faith you’re getting cheap car insurance that’s worry-free.