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This App helps you show off your safe driving habits by monitoring your risk levels when behind the wheel. It’s voluntary, and easy to download and activate on your mobile phone.
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The General Safe Driver Discount
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the app uses some phone data to process and score your trip results. The app uploads about 400-500 kilobytes of data per hour of driving.

The app records data to measure your driving during a trip and identify risky driving events. In addition, we may receive data related to your use of the app to help us improve the app experience. The app collects:

  • Location data (incl. from GPS when available)
  • Accelerometer data
  • Gyroscope data, if available
  • Magnetometer data
  • Barometer data, if available
  • Time
  • Your interaction with the phone while you’re driving (for example, whether the phone is in motion or not)
    • Important: The app does not record information about which apps are in use or the content of any messages or calls.
  • Smartphone settings and status
  • Your interactions and engagement with the app’s screens and information

The app uses the phone’s battery to run and has a negligible effect on the battery when you are not driving. When you’re driving, the typical battery drain is only a few percent per hour. This amount varies based on the smartphone model and age.

The app collects and analyzes your driving data, then provides an overall driving score out of 100 based on a series of criteria. For each of the criteria below, a specific sub-score is also provided.

  • Phone Distraction: Using the phone in your hand while the vehicle is in motion
  • Hard Braking: A sudden reduction in speed
  • Speeding: Driving over a safe speed for a given road
  • Hard Acceleration: A sudden increase in speed
  • Cornering: Turning or swerving harshly

Over time, the app learns your driving behaviors and common routes, allowing it to determine whether you were a driver or a passenger for a given trip. To help the app in this process, we recommend that you review and update your trip classifications for your first ten or fifteen trips, so the app learns whether you are a driver or passenger, or in another mode of transportation.

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Only available in Alabama and Indiana. Terms & Conditions