Term Life Insurance

Many people have employer-sponsored life insurance policies, which provide one or two times your salary in coverage, but did you know that in order to be adequately covered, you actually need about 10-20 times your annual salary?

Term life insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones and is an affordable way to cover temporary expenses – such as mortgages, childcare expenses, student loan debts, and more. You’ll pay a premium for a set period of time and if something were to happen to you during that time, your named beneficiary will receive the death benefit.

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Do you need term life insurance?

Major life events could trigger a need for life insurance. If you’ve recently done any of the following, it will be a good idea to make sure you’re covered with a term life insurance policy:

  • You bought a house. Your home is probably your largest asset. Term life insurance can be used to pay off your outstanding mortgage balance. Just select a term that most closely matches the length of your mortgage payment period.
  • You changed jobs. If you get promoted or get a new job, you’ll most likely be making a higher salary. To be sure your family can maintain the lifestyle they have now, it’s a good idea to purchase or update your life insurance plan.
  • You’re getting married. Now that you’ll be living on two incomes, you’ll want to make sure your spouse will continue to have enough money to cover debts, funeral costs, and daily expenses. It’s an important time to purchase a term life insurance policy.
  • You’re having a baby. That new little bundle is expensive! It’s time to buy or get additional life insurance to make sure your child is well taken care of in the event something was to happen to you.