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The General® is pleased to provide auto insurance in Nevada.  We offer low cost auto insurance options online even if you have a less than perfect driving record, have never been insured before, have let your policy lapse, or have had your license suspended or revoked.

We’ve provided some information below that we hope will be helpful in answering some of the more common questions we’ve received from our customers.

Mandatory Minimum Level of Coverage

The state of Nevada requires all vehicles currently registered to maintain Nevada liability insurance during the entire registration period, even if the vehicle is not being used.

Nevada state law requires the following minimum coverage:

Bodily Injury

- $25,000 for the death or injury of any one person, any one accident
- $50,000 for all persons in any one accident

Property Damage

- $20,000 for any one accident

This basic coverage is often referred to as 25/50/20 coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nevada Auto Insurance

What is Nevada’s IVP program?

The Department of Motor Vehicles has established an Insurance Verification Program (IVP) to identify uninsured motorists.  If coverage cannot be verified, the DMV suspends the registration and the uninsured motorist could pay up to $250 to have the registration reinstated.  Nevada law enforcement officers are required to remove the license plates from any vehicle on which the registration has been suspended.  They may also impound the vehicle.

Why is my Insurance I.D. Card Important?

A Nevada Evidence of Insurance card must be carried in your vehicle at all times and presented to any law enforcement officer upon request.  Motorists who have dropped their insurance are first asked to verify their coverage.  If there is no response or the coverage cannot be verified, the DMV suspends the registration and notifies the owner through a certified letter.

What if you’re currently driving without coverage?

The General® offers instant proof of insurance when you buy auto insurance online at our website.

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