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The General® is pleased to provide auto insurance in Missouri.  We offer low cost auto insurance options online even if you have a less than perfect driving record, have never been insured before, have let your policy lapse, or have had your auto insurance coverage suspended or revoked.

We’ve provided some information below that we hope will be helpful in answering some of the more common questions we’ve received from our customers.

Minimum Level of Coverage

Missouri law requires that all motor vehicle drivers and vehicle owners maintain motor vehicle liability insurance coverage.  Anyone who registers a motor vehicle must have liability insurance.  As a motor vehicle owner you are required to show proof of insurance when registering a vehicle and renewing your license plate and you must keep proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times.  Liability insurance covers your legal liability when injuries or property damage happen as a result of your actions.  The minimum level of coverage required by the state of Missouri is:

Bodily Injury

- $25,000 for the death or injury of any one person, any one accident
- $50,000 for all persons in any one accident

Property Damage

- $25,000 for any one accident

Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury

- $25,000 for the death or injury of any one person, any one accident
- $50,000 for all persons in any one accident

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Missouri’s Auto Insurance

Why should I buy insurance?

Other than it being a state law, if you cause an auto accident, you may be responsible for the losses of the other people involved.  A claim may be made or a lawsuit filed against you for the losses.  You may have to pay not only for the property damage or injuries that you cause, but also for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering of any injured person.

If you do not have insurance, anything of value that you own, including your home, savings, future wages and other assets, may be taken to pay for those losses.  Auto liability insurance will protect you so that this does not happen.

Can my driver’s license be suspended for not maintaining my auto insurance?

Yes, driving without auto insurance can result in losing your license for up to one year.  License reinstatement fees range from $20 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and $400 for the third offense, followed by suspension.

What is “Uninsured Motorist” coverage?

Under an automobile policy, this is protection for the insured against bodily injury or property damage caused by the negligence of an uninsured motorist.

What if you’re currently driving without coverage?

The General® offers instant proof of insurance when you buy auto insurance online at our website.

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