The General® makes it easy to get your quote online with no personal information and when you’re ready to buy a policy – we make that pretty easy too.

Do I need to include all of the drivers/residents of my household?

Yes, all residents of your household age 14 and older (in most states) and any other individuals who regularly operate your vehicle must be either listed as a driver or excluded from coverage.

When can I get proof of insurance?

Immediately – once you have made your down payment you will be prompted to electronically sign your application and then you can print your proof of insurance.

Can someone else make my down payment for me?

Yes, that is acceptable.

What types of payment options does The General® offer?

We accept payments via credit cards and electronic checks (not available in all states).

What types of payment plans does The General® offer?

In most states we offer monthly payment plans and our quote defaults to the lowest plan we offer.

Can I get an SR-22 Financial Responsibility filing with The General®?

Yes, an SR-22 can be filed in the state where you are applying for insurance.

Can I buy a policy if I have a suspended or revoked driver’s license?

Yes, as long as you have been licensed at some point (e.g., have a driver’s license number) you can purchase a policy with The General®.

Can I buy a policy if I have an out-of-state driver’s license?

Yes.  However if you require an SR-22 Financial Responsibility filing, it cannot be issued for an out-of-state license.

Can I make changes to the initial quote The General® provided?

Yes, you can add coverage and/or modify limits to meet your specific needs.

What coverage is included in my quote?

The initial quote provided by The General® includes the minimum coverage required by the state.
Coverage can be added and limits modified after receiving the initial quote.

How can The General® provide an anonymous quote with “no personal information”?

The General® is able to provide a very fast and accurate quote without requiring unnecessary personal information, unlike most of the other insurance companies.  If you decide to purchase a policy, then of course we will need to obtain personal information to complete the application/purchase process.