In 1963, we began selling insurance under the company name Permanent General Agency.  Over the years, we have sold insurance through various companies including Permanent General Assurance Corporation (Permanent General® or PGAC® for short).  Although our loveable mascot didn’t join our ranks until a few decades later, we bring over 50 years of experience to the table when we do business with you.  We are proud of our long history, and we hope that it serves our customers well when they need us!  Take a look at how The General® has evolved over the years…

April 1997

The company begins offering its insurance product through The General®!

November 2000

The General® gets a new look!  His phone is almost as big as he is.

December 2000

The General® adopts an additional logo!

April 2001

The General® gets a slogan, which we still use today!

Auto insurance for less, The General says Yes!®


PGAC® updates its logo and we operate our service site, myPolicy, under that name for existing customers!

March 2007

The General® gets a makeover!  He still has a giant phone, but now he is 3D!

February 2011

The General® finally upgrades his phone, which is a good thing because we launched our mobile site in April 2011!

January 2013

The General® gets his most recent makeover.  He wanted to look his best to welcome our new owners, American Family Insurance®!