Shaq, with a little help from his friends at The General, recently teamed up with Bleacher Report to warm hearts and extend a little financial support to locally-owned businesses who were feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each episode of Shaq Gives Back, which aired on Bleacher Report in April, featured Shaquille visiting a different Atlanta-area business and getting to know its owners. While visiting, he learns more about the business including its staff, its role in its community, and its struggles following an unusually tough year. Knowing these businesses could use a break, Shaquille called on The General, and we showed up to make it happen!

Shaq Gives Back – The Episodes

Restaurant 10

Few businesses in America have struggled over the past year in quite the way that restaurants have. More than serving up delicious meals, restaurants are staples in our communities, creating gathering places for families, friends, and colleagues. They’re places to take a break and congregate! Restaurant 10 has been doing just that for the people of Atlanta. Giving a break back to them when they need it most was the least we could do!

Moods Music

Independent record store owners have seen a lot of change! From records to CDs, to streaming, our local music dealers have ridden the highs and lows of an industry that, by its very nature, is reflective of our world as it progresses. No matter what, the value of music remains – it chronicles our lives, lifts our spirits, and brings people of all types across all generations together. Moods Music has been doing that and more for 20 years and it was a joy to give back to them just a little after all they bring to their community!

Meals on Wheels

Some organizations have seen more demand than ever during the pandemic. When one in four seniors in Atlanta is fighting food insecurity, Meals on Wheels Atlanta gets busier than ever  That means that more than ever, they could use a break! Shaq and The General popped by during Shaq Gives Back to give them just that.

Shaq Gives Back – The Response

These Atlanta businesses are reflective of countless companies, organizations, and restaurants across the U.S. that have faced their greatest struggle ever over the past year, so it’s no surprise that Shaq Gives Back resonated with so many viewers and fans. Turns out our break extended beyond just the businesses we surprised with financial support, providing a bright spot for the many viewers who tuned in.

With more than 5.5 million video views and 314 thousand social media engagements across the three episodes, we’re confident we’ve warmed a lot of hearts with Shaq Gives Back. The response was overwhelmingly positive and hopefully, we’ve helped to inspire others to go out and give back in whatever small way they can!

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