The General NRG is wrapping up the 2021-22 season. Take a glimpse at the team’s performance thus far and receive an inside look at how the team is preparing to bring home another World Championship trophy.

A Season XI Recap:

The General NRG started off Season XI of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) in full force and it was clear off the bat that this season would be unlike any other. With new teams being added to the mix, a return to in-person LAN competitions, and evolving formations, the competition was hot to compete for another World Championship.

After securing a ticket to the World Championship early on this season, The General NRG found themselves battling head-to-head with some of Rocket League’s most competitive teams, making it clear that securing yet another World Championship win would be no easy task. With The General NRG being known for its previous success and dominant performance at the 2021 World Championship, opposing teams developed new strategies to combat The General NRG. Following an impressive win for The General NRG at the Fall Split North American Regional Series, the competition placed an emphasis on an up-tempo aggressive playstyle that was difficult for The General to counter heading into the spring stretch.

The Spring Season:

The General NRG World Championships Dallas - Team PhotoWith three regionals taking place during the Spring Season, The General NRG was looking to expand on its first-place lead in the overall North American standings. Through multiple tough competitions during the Spring Season, the team ultimately did not walk away with the results they were looking for. Nonetheless, The General NRG still has a ticket to the World Championships, which is the team’s ultimate goal.
“Although we are disappointed to not be competing at the Spring Major in London, we are keeping our eyes on the prize, which is the World Championship in Dallas,” said The General NRG’s Coach Sizz. “This will be the most important competition of the year and our team is currently working through a more aggressive strategy to ensure we show up ready to bring home another trophy!”

What’s Next?

The World Championship is a 10 day long event taking place in Dallas, Texas! The General NRG will take its place on the grand stage for this event. The first phase is the four-day World Championship Wildcard, held August 4-7, where 16 teams will battle to see which eight teams will survive the Swiss Format and move on to the next phase.

The second phase is the World Championship Main Event, which is held August 9-14. During this phase, teams will compete in two eight-team, double-elimination groups, and the top four teams from each group will compete in a high-stakes, single-elimination bracket. The team that conquers that bracket will be crowned Rocket League World Champions.

How can you help cheer on The General NRG?

To help cheer on the squad in Dallas, you can tune in and watch the events at In addition, starting Wednesday, June 29, you can use promo code “TGSUMMER15” for 15% off any purchase of the team’s jerseys at The promo code is valid until July 31. For any other team updates, be sure to follow @NRgg and @NRGcurrent on Twitter or head to the team’s official website at where you can find the squads full roster and follow all of their personal Twitter accounts.