The General is connecting with local communities to create opportunities and meaningful societal impact for residents, families, and individuals through trust-based values.

On Saturday, October 1, Shaquille O’Neal hosted “The Event” in Las Vegas, his second annual fundraising gala to create pathways for underserved youth to help them achieve their full potential. A week before, on September 23, The Shaq Foundation hosted an in-person, interactive, educational event on the importance of safe teen driving at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, in partnership with The General. To offer faculty members a much-deserved break from the stress of a new school year, we gifted 100 tickets for high school teachers and staff to attend the gala. The faculty members sat in The General Admission™ section of the gala and were delighted with a dinner, live auction, and a concert with multiple A-List performers. 

As a partner of the Shaq Foundation and Shaquille O’Neal, we are honored to take our commitment beyond the Foundation, partnering with those communities that need a break the most – and in this case, teachers, school administrators, and students. The General aims to give back to communities, provide a break for those who need it most and educate underrepresented communities.

To learn more about the event that took place at Rancho High School, you can visit the blog HERE.

To learn more about The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation and its mission to create opportunities and experiences for underserved youth you can visit its website HERE.