10 Fun Facts about our Newest State:  West Virginia

Please join us in welcoming our newest state, West Virginia, to the list of states where we currently offer car insurance!  West Virginia’s 38,646 miles of public roads (2011 Public Certified Mileage) pass through mountains, valleys, wild rivers, rolling countryside, and forests – in fact, over 75% of the state is covered in forests!  This is one good reason why you’ll need excellent insurance in The Mountain State, and The General® is up for the challenge.

Here are a few more facts about West Virginia:

  1. In 1861, West Virginia became the only state to form by carving out territory from another state (Virginia), without that state’s permission.
  2. Charleston was named the state capital in 1877 after a state wide vote.
  3. When Charleston was first established in 1794, 35 people inhabited seven houses.  Today, it is the largest city in the state with 51,400 residents per the 2010 census (304,214 in the metropolitan area).
  4. West Virginia’s motto is “Montani Semper Liberi” – ”Mountaineers Are Always Free.”
  5. 15% of the nation’s total coal production comes from West Virginia.
  6. Despite the large amount of coal produced, the state’s number one industry is inspired by its natural beauty: Tourism.
  7. West Virginians love their moms!  Mother’s Day was first observed in the city of Grafton on May 10, 1908.
  8. West Virginia is considered the southern-most northern state and the northern-most southern state.
  9. According to these next two facts, West Virginians are good at Basketball!  On December 21, 1984, West Virginia University player Georgeann Wells became the first woman to dunk a basketball in a college game.
  10. On January 26, 1960 Danny Heater, a student from Burnsville, scored 135 points in a high school basketball game earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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