That’s a wrap! The second season of the award-winning NBA G League docuseries “The Break, presented by The General”  has officially come to a close. Over the last six episodes, the series followed three incredible basketball stars including Juan Toscano-Anderson, Matas Buzelis, and Pooh Jeter. Each had a unique story this season, and The General was proud to play a role in the lives and stories of these up-and-coming stars.

Key Takeaways

  • Exciting New Faces: “The Break” season two, an NBA G League documentary, explores the varied paths of Juan Toscano-Anderson’s NBA return, Matas Buzelis as a draft prospect, and Pooh Jeter’s shift to coaching.
  • Significant Career Developments: This season of “The Break” captures key moments like Toscano-Anderson’s NBA contract, Buzelis’ recovery and standout performances, and Jeter’s new roles with the Trail Blazers.
  • Impact and Legacy: “The Break” season two revisits former G League stars, showing the series’ deep impact on player careers and its strong community ties.

“The Break” Presents: Juan Toscano-Anderson

Throughout season two of “The Break,” the audience watched as Juan shared his matured outlook on life in the G League and the value he finds in connecting with his culture in Mexico. As a former four-year NBA player and Champion with the Golden State Warriors, Juan emphasized his goal early in the season of eventually returning to the big league. Juan achieved that goal in January, as he was quickly called up for a 10-day contract with the Sacramento Kings, though he eventually returned to the Capitanes to finish the season out.

Juan Toscano-Anderson (Position Forward)

“The Break” Presents: Matas Buzelis

Matas went into this basketball season as a projected 2024 NBA Draft pick and forward for the G League Ignite. While he spent a few weeks recovering from injury early in the season, the series saw him come into his own through performances and media interviews at events like Winter Showcase and All-Star Weekend. Season two of “The Break” even saw him return to his hometown of Chicago, IL, playing in front of his friends and family in a game against the Windy City Bulls.

Matas Buzelis (Position Forward)

“The Break” Presents: Pooh Jeter

Often referred to as a shining light in a dark room, “The Break” season two followed Pooh as he carved out his own unique path with the NBA G League and NBA. As Player Development Coach for the Portland Trail Blazers and Assistant GM for the Rip City Remix, viewers watched Pooh hang up his own uniform for two new roles in professional basketball and walk down memory lane with old footage as he returned as a coach to iconic locations, including Madison Square Garden and All-Star Weekend.

Eugene "Pooh" Jeter (Assistant General Manager, Rip City Remix / Player Development Coach, Portland Trail Blazers)

In addition to following along with our three new docuseries subjects, we also checked back in with a few of the stars from season one. In episodes three and four, we saw Pooh’s coaching come to life with Scoot Henderson, former Ignite player and current Point Guard for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Viewers also caught up with Osceola Magic player Mac McClung during All-Star Weekend. McClung made his return as the Dunk contest champion for the second year in a row – dunking over The Big Diesel, Shaq himself. Not only this, but McClung was featured on “The Big Podcast with Shaq” where he spoke about getting his big break from the Lakers in 2022 and his ambitions of returning to the NBA.

If you haven’t watched season one or two of “The Break, presented by The General,” be sure to check it out on the G League’s Youtube or Tubi. Don’t just take it from The General – take a look at what Shaq had to say!


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