The General Insurance is proud to kick off the next stage in its continued brand evolution journey by launching “The Break” campaign. The campaign reflects the company’s mission to establish itself as the most understanding, flexible insurance company in the nation. 

“The Break” campaign includes new advertisements, partnerships and a brand refresh with both an updated logo and evolved General character. Across all assets, the campaign showcases The General’s simple belief: when times are tough and it feels like things aren’t going your way, getting a break on your car insurance can make all the difference. 

New Logo

The General’s logo has continued to be one of the most recognizable and prominent features of the brand. The new, updated logo strives to retain instant recognition from the brand’s rich history while elevating and modernizing the quality of the design. Impressively, The General’s internal brand team led the development of the new logo design and worked with lettering artist and New York Times Bestselling Author, Jessica Hische, to put the finishing touches on this new look.

New General Character 

The iconic General character provides high brand recognition and has been a staple of The General’s brand since its inception. Often seen working with longstanding brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal on various commercials throughout the years, the fan-favorite General is back as a main character in new ads with a fresh, modern look! Most significantly, the team revealed The General’s eyes to better showcase his empathy and relatability.

The new and evolved character has a much lighter and jolly appearance. He is ready to show off his unique personality and connect with employees and customers! 

New Ad Spots 

In addition to the logo and character evolution, today marks the premiere of two new ad spots. The General tapped an impressive cast of characters and celebrities who, at one point or another, have needed a break either in life or on their car insurance.

These two new spots, the first of four total spots, are titled “Bad Luck Brian” and “Piraguero.”

Bad Luck Brian

“Bad Luck Brian” pairs iconic brand ambassador Shaquille O’Neal with internet celebrity Kyle Craven  — better known as “Bad Luck Brian” — who rose to notoriety during the earliest days of Instagram. In this ad spot, Bad Luck Brian reflects on how even when things are not going your way — from stepping in gum, getting a flat tire, or realizing you’re late on a car insurance payment — The General is always there to give you a break. 


“Piraguero” connects with the fast-growing Hispanic audience by featuring Shaq and the newly-evolved General visiting a street vendor serving Puerto Rican shaved ice. This ad, which is The General’s first-ever spot conceived and produced entirely in Spanish, leans into The General’s commitment to creating authentic, relevant connections with Hispanic audiences.

Sports and Entertainment Partnerships 

In The General’s continuous effort to connect with risk-takers and new and diverse audiences across the country, the company is also capitalizing on new and existing purpose-driven marketing partnerships that help bring “The Break” messaging to life. Most recently, The General embarked on an exclusive partnership with the NBA G League. As you may remember, this partnership was launched in tandem with an exclusive docuseries titled “The Break, presented by The General” to showcase the stories of players with a behind-the-scenes look at their path to the NBA. The eight-part docuseries has become one of the best-performing G League partnered content series of all time, proving that The General’s “Break” messaging is already resonating with key audiences. 

For more information on “The Break,” you can read the official press release HERE, featuring quotes from brand representatives and those who worked to bring the brand refresh to life. Within the press release, you can also see the newest installments of the ad campaign that will roll out on TV, digital and social media platforms. For more information and to see the new spots visit and follow the brand on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Enterprise employees’ ongoing support and hard work are appreciated throughout the launch of this campaign!