The General® has decided he’s ready to “Live Free or Die”, and therefore has begun to offer affordable auto insurance to residents of New Hampshire.

Train next to water tower

If that’s not enough to get you excited, check out these fun New Hampshire factoids!

    • New Hampshire has 71% voter turnout, making it the 4th highest ranked state in the nation.  No doubt that patriotism runs through the veins of New Hampshire citizens.
    • It’s illegal to sell lightning rods without a license in New Hampshire.  Shocking.
    • It’s against the law to import a wolf into New Hampshire.  This took a devastating toll on the wolf importer industry.
    • New Hampshire ranks second to only North Dakota in beef consumption.  I guess now we know where the beef is.
    • It is widely believed that the first potato was planted in New Hampshire.  That worked out well for a state that loves beef so much.
    • New Hampshire is home to the famous Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales.  Be responsible: don’t drink and ride horses.
    • New Hampshire native Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr was the first American to travel in space.  People like him made us believe we could go to infinity…AND BEYOND!
    • The first alarm clock was invented by New Hampshire native Levi Hitchins.  Whoever invented the snooze button is the real hero.
    • You can thank New Hampshire for keeping your leftovers fresh because that’s where Tupperware was invented in 1938.
    • At 90 feet long and 50 feet high the largest American flag was made in New Hampshire.  Legend has it that if you put your ear up to it, you can hear the national anthem.

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