The General® is excited to announce that we have entered yet another state:  Mississippi!  Our new Mississippi customers will find that we offer affordable insurance no matter what your driving record is, and it will take less than 2 minutes for us to prove it to you with our quick quote.  Not only are our rates low, but our customer service was ranked ‘top tier’ by MetricNet.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to take advantage of the great savings and service provided by The General® car insurance, we recommend a road trip up the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway.  This 444-mile stretch starts in the Natchez, Mississippi in the Southwest part of the state and stretches up past the Northeast corner of Mississippi to just South of Nashville, TN.  ‘The Old Trace’ originated as a path used by pre-historic Native Americans thousands of years ago, but today it runs through a National Park.  You will pass several areas of historical significance and natural beauty such as a ghost town at Rocky Springs, Native American burial mounds, a cypress-filled swamp, several waterfalls, and a gorgeous bridge spanning Birdsong Hollow.

At the end of the trail, feel free to stop by our corporate office in Nashville and thank us for keeping you safe on the road!