The leader in providing top-rated, affordable insurance coverage for cars, The General® loves road-tripping this time of year to admire Autumn’s glorious colors.  On a color tour or on your way to work, be sure to take along The General®’s Top Tips for Fine Fall Driving!

  • A glaring issue: the change of season means sunrise and sunset may coincide with your commute.
  • Don’t let sun glare blind you to your fellow drivers; wear sunglasses when needed and keep your windshield clean.
  • School is in: when a school bus flashes its red lights, stop at least 20 feet from the bus and watch out for children running to or from the bus.Road with fall leaves changing color
  • Daylight is decreasing each day: twilight or darkness reduces your ability to see what’s up ahead, so adjust your speed accordingly.  And your eyes need time to adjust when you leave a brightly-lit setting to drive at night; give them a few moments to adjust before heading off at night.
  • Frost on the pumpkin: when temps drop to freezing or near-freezing, bridges and overpasses can become icy faster than the road.  On a cold morning, stay alert for slippery conditions.
  • Don’t leaf it to chance: leaves in the road can be wet, slimy, and slick as ice!  Watch your speed and avoid hard stops or turns on patches of fall foliage.
  • Weather or not, drive safely: autumn can bring fog and rain.  Use your low beams in foggy conditions, and allow extra distance when pavement is wet.
  • Oh, deer: fall is mating season for deer, making them less attentive to danger and more obsessed with looking for love.  They are most active in morning and evening hours and travel in small groups; slow down in posted deer crossing areas and remember when one deer crosses the road, usually others will follow.

As summer changes to fall, be sure to change your driving style for the new season’s driving conditions.   And even if you’ve had accidents, a DUI, or too many tickets, The General® can help you with low car insurance rates and superior coverage.  Stop by to compare rates with a free online insurance quote comparison today!