The General Auto Insurance commits to offering relief to those impacted by COVID-19

Nashville, April 15, 2020

For nearly 60 years, The General® has stood by our customers during their most challenging times, and now, our commitment to flexible, affordable car insurance is stronger than ever. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have implemented additional flexible payment options to assist customers when they need it most.

“Right now people are having to make difficult decisions between putting food on the table and paying bills,” says Tony DeSantis, President and CEO, “Leniency to us means you don’t have to make that choice.”

Policy changes include:

  • Late fees that may be waived through May 15, 2020
  • Payment leniency options (that in some cases go beyond the state-mandated periods)
    • Customers are only asked to pay 50% of their bill in order to stay covered, and can request to defer payment for 30 days through May 15, 2020.
  • Lowering minimum payment amounts and reinstatement requirements
    • Coverage can be restored within 90 days and with only 50% upfront payment of the monthly or renewal bill, while spreading the remaining balance across the duration of their policy.
    • Reinstatement fees may also be waived as part of our leniency efforts.
  • Suspension of food delivery exclusion under our Personal Auto Policy through May 15, 2020
    • We will temporarily provide coverage for policyholders, while they are providing essential delivery services (delivery of food, groceries or medications), on behalf of businesses using personal automobiles that are covered by The General. After May 15, 2020, the exclusion will go back into effect unless The General® elects to extend or modify this temporary expansion of coverage. All other terms and conditions of the policy remain unchanged.

Our efforts to make life easier, estimated to be in the millions of dollars, will provide customers with the flexibility they need so their car insurance is one less thing to worry about. The General® will continue to monitor how the pandemic is impacting our valued customers and make necessary adjustments to best meet their needs. To take advantage of these changes and discuss payment options, customers can call 1-800-280-1466. We’re here to help any way we can.