Are you thinking of buying a car in the winter this year? If so, you may be making a great decision, and now is the ideal time to start your research! Don’t let the upcoming holidays and less-than-perfect weather scare you off. There are great deals to be had if you’re willing to bundle up (and grab a mask) and venture into the dealerships while others are staying warm indoors and missing out on any potential deals.

Woman celebrates after buying a car in winter

Why Buying a Car in Winter is Smart

If you’re on the fence about buying a car in the winter, here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Dealerships are less busy

Winter weather and holiday shopping keep a lot of foot traffic away from car dealerships, and dealers depend on that traffic to hit sales goals. Less opportunity for car dealers means you have more opportunities to score a good deal! Most consumers don’t realize that car dealers finance a lot of their inventory and have payments to make too. Popping in to scope out the inventory when foot traffic is at its slowest could help you save some serious bucks.

Save on current year models

If you’re the type of buyer who drives a car “until the wheels fall off,” these winter months are a great time to snag a deal. The coming of the New Year means every car on the lot is about to be another year older. This is particularly true if you have your heart set on a new car. If 2022 is knocking on the door, that 2021 model isn’t going to be a shiny newborn anymore. Depreciation is a major con for someone who plans to buy a new model in a few years, but it’s your win if you buy a car this winter and drive it for many more to come!

You may find more winterized options

Nobody knows their business like car dealers do, and they know what people are looking for at any given time. Car dealers know that customers buying a car in winter want to hit the road safely and comfortably ASAP. That means you’re likely to find stock with all the best winter-friendly features—heated seats, winter tires, and maybe the best feature of all—auto-start! I mean, who wants to bundle up just to go outside and turn on their car’s heat? Nothing is better in those cold, dreary months than crawling into a warm, winter-ready ride!

You can test drive in winter weather

Sometimes, there’s nothing more challenging than picking out that shiny new ride in June and then hitting the streets in it after the first snowfall. The salesman may have told you that your sporty model handles ice and snow well despite its rear-wheel drive, but should you believe him? If you live in a part of the country that’s bound to be buried under a few feet of snow (or even worse, that slick wintry mix of the South), test drive those new wheels during the year’s worst weather and then you can cruise with confidence through the year’s best.

Summer friendly rides are a STEAL

Speaking of the year’s best weather—who doesn’t love a little spring and summer sun on their face? If you have your sights set on a convertible, you definitely need to be considering buying a car in winter! It’s kind of like buying a boat. With warm and sunny days, everyone craves a way to get out on the water, right? But who’s thinking about wakeboarding in December? Those topless rides have far less appeal in the winter for most people, so beat the sunny days rush and save a few bucks when car dealers want to move that summer inventory the most.

Are you convinced that buying a car in winter is a great idea? We thought so! After your purchase, call The General to secure insurance for your new ride so you can hit those winter roads worry-free. You can get a free quote in two minutes or less and read up on winter safety tips on our blog.