The snow is melting. Now what?

If you’re not used to slushy, winter conditions, then these next few hundred words are going to be the most important words you read this week.

We want you and your family to arrive safe and sound to wherever it is that you need to go.

So, while you’re sitting here right now, think back to the last time you walked across the ice. Remember how gently you had to step, how cautious you were. Remember how slowly you put one foot in front of the other.

Keep that mindset as you venture out on those slush covered roads.

You want to drive gently. Be cautious. And move according to the conditions.

Here are a few basic tips to help you navigate through slushy winter conditions.

  1. Plan your travels accordingly.  Please don’t rush. If you’re running late, before you get in the car, call and tell whomever is expecting you to expect you late.  If you don’t like the sound of that, then give yourself an extra 10 minutes for every half hour of your drive.
  2. Assume that no one knows what they’re doing. Think about it. You’re not used to driving in slushy conditions, and most likely the people sharing the road aren’t either.
  3. Follow the leader, but keep your distance.  You’ll often see one lane that is well traveled. You will see a trail from the tires of the cars in front of you.  Do your best to keep your tires in that trail. Changing lanes in slushy conditions is dangerous. Use caution.
  4. Did you see the keep your distance part? It takes longer to stop in slushy, wet or icy conditions. So, driving like you’re in a NASCAR race isn’t a good idea. And actually, that last bit, is good advice even in the best conditions.  No NASCAR. Ever.
  5. Do NOT use your cruise control. You need to use your pedals effectively in slushy conditions.  Cruise control takes away your control. So, don’t use it when the roads are wet, slushy or icy.  And…
  6. Know when to lift your foot off the gas pedal. It’s a good idea to lift your foot off the gas pedal when you are about to cross a bridge or approach an underpass. Both of these areas are prime for ice buildup. Coasting will help prevent your car from sliding out of control.  But, if you do find yourself in a slide.
  7. Stay calm you need to keep your wits about you when the roads are wet, slushy or icy.

It’s easy to get a false sense of security out there on the road.