The General® knows you’re going places this summer!  Before you hit the road, pack these super summer savings tips!

1. Make sure your ride is ready – a well-maintained car (correctly filled oil, clean air filter, properly inflated tires) can coax more miles from your fuel tank.

2. Are your schedule and route the best?  Avoid heavy traffic by motoring during off-peak times.  Construction delays mean gas-guzzling stop-and-go.  Be ready with a “Plan B” alternate route.Smiling girl with money

3. Keeping cool #1: That air conditioner uses gas, but opening windows at highway speeds hurts fuel efficiency even more.  Roll ‘em down at lower speeds, then hit the AC on the highway.

4. Excess weight means reduced MPG; carrying an extra 100 pounds is like paying 3 cents more per gallon. Lose that junk in the trunk and save room for that vacation souvenir.

5. Keeping cool #2: When you can, park in the shade– a sweltering interior works the AC more, and a cooler car loses less fuel to evaporation.  Can’t find any shade? A windshield visor helps, too!

6. Take it easy – when you avoid stomping the gas pedal and brakes at starts and stops, you can save 30% or more on fuel consumption. And letting cruise control maintain a constant speed uses up to 14% less gasoline.

7. Don’t be idle – a parked and running car can use a half-gallon of fuel every 15 minutes!

8. No charging – the battery power your electronics use must be replenished by fuel from your tank.  Fill up your GPS, phone, and other electronic thingamajigs before you leave home.

9. Haste makes waste – the higher your speed, the less fuel-efficient your engine.  In fact, each 5 mph you drive above 50 mph costs you about 25 cents per gallon of gas.  Keep it at or below posted limits; you’ll save fuel AND avoid costly speeding tickets.

10. Get the best deal – do you belong to an automobile club, retirement organization, university alumni association, or road assistance plan?  Check out your membership benefits; you may qualify for discounts on food and lodging.

The road might be long and winding, but The General® can help get you there with more in your pocket!  For top-rated coverage with affordable rates on auto insurance, get your online insurance quote comparison at today!