holiday road trips

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for holiday road trips and Christmas is right behind it. That means you’ll want to be prepared before you hit the roads for turkey and toys with loved ones this holiday season, but you’re in luck because we’re always here to make life easier! From family fun to car care, we’ve got all the top tips for holiday road trip success for your family this year.

1. Map Out Your Holiday Road Trip in Advance.

Even if you’ve made that drive to see family at the holidays a hundred times, it’s always a good idea to map out your trip in advance. Old Man Winter is just starting to howl and inclement weather can really throw a wrench into road-tripping plans. Check that weather app and GPS in advance and map out your best course to avoid any possible slowdowns.

2. The Automotive Check. Check. Check.

Treat your car right when you’re planning a long drive. Holidays are the last time of year that you want to find yourself stranded. As the weather cools, it’s especially important to check the air in your tires. While you’re at it, check the oil, check your fluids, and test those wiper blades!

3. Winter Weather Emergency Kit – Be Prepared!

Even after you complete your automotive check, check, check, be prepared for the worst. When traveling in colder weather, have your roadside emergency kit ready. The essentials? Non-perishable snacks, a small power bank for charging your phone, warm blankets, a flashlight, a small shovel, and safety absorbent.

4. Make your overnight plans in advance.

Planning an extra-long holiday road trip? If your family is miles and miles away, you may need to spend a night on the road. Make those overnight plans in advance. You’ll save yourself the hassle of locating an available room and you’ll likely save yourself a buck or two by booking in advance.

5. Festive Holiday Road Trip Games.

Fight the urge to kill all the time on technology. Family car trips are a great time for engaging your kids and making some memories. Play popular road trip games with a holiday spin! Download and print holiday travel bingo cards in advance or play 20 questions with Thanksgiving and Christmas characters.

6. Snacks on Snacks on Snacks!

Road trip munchies are real! Have those snacks ready to go and it’s the holidays so splurge a little. Add some holiday candy and cookies into snack bags with fruit, granola and other healthy bites. Your kids, and your own taste buds, will love you for it!

7. A Fine Time to Sing-a-Long.

Holiday road trips are a great time to help your family get into the festive spirit! While you are planning your route and prepping your car, take a few extra minutes to pull together a holiday playlist. Think sing-a-long songs and lots of laughter.

8. Technology Time.

Need a little quiet time between games and sing-a-longs? Technology is always your road-tripping friend but point your kids to some family-friendly holiday films to keep everyone in the spirit of the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas movies are in season but a brief time every year, so soak them in while you can.

9. Eyes on the Road.

Be extra vigilant during holiday road trips because the weather and road conditions can change drastically and rapidly. Watch the skies ahead for weather changes and keep your eyes on the road for black ice or for slick roads in fall and winter rains.

10. We’ll Get You Covered!

Most importantly, don’t hit the road without coverage! If you need car insurance before your next holiday road trip or would like to know your options for expanding your coverage, The General is here to help.