We don’t recommend eating while driving. According to the NHSTA, distracted driving causes thousands of injuries and deaths each year.  And even though food should be our friend, dining behind the wheel ranks high on the NHSTA list of Ways to Get in a Wreck.  Here are some delicacies motorists should

Consume with Caution!

1. Soft drinks
A cold beverage on a hot day is refreshing, but don’t spill – icy liquid pooling around your posterior is sure to make you jump.

Spilling soda while driving

2. Jelly/Cream filled donuts
You’ve taken a big bite, when an errant stream of sweet goo oozes onto your blouse or tie.  Suddenly, you’re licking your fingers and assessing the stains, not watching the road.

Eathing donut while driving

3. Chili, Hot Soup
Some foods are mobile, some are not.  Simultaneously steering a car and a steaming spoonful is like inviting lunch to live on your pants or skirt while tempting your brain to distraction.

Eating soup while driving

4. Barbecued food
Man, that sauce is good!  Oops, some got on the upholstery!  Oops, it’s on your hand!  And the dashboard!  And the steering wheel!  Oops, what’s that up ahead?!

BBQ sauce and penguin steering wheel

5. Tacos, Hamburgers
Two staples for on-the-go gourmet, both jammed with flavorful fixings.  Unfortunately, those tasty ingredients attempt escape from bun or tortilla with every bite.  Don’t let a squirt of salsa or special sauce steal your attention from the road.

Hamburger spilling while driving

6. Coffee
The lifeblood of commuters everywhere, coffee is the #1 car crash causer on our list.  If everyone skipped their morning cup, thousands of fender benders per year could be blamed on snoozing behind the wheel.  So be extra careful – a piping hot splash on your thighs (or worse) won’t help you watch out for your fellow drivers!

Coffee cup in cup holder

When you hit the road, don’t let distractions hit you for a loss.  Keep both eyes and your full concentration on the road at all times. And remember, if you’ve had accidents, a DUI, or too many tickets, The General® can help you with affordable car insurance coverage and documentation.  Get your free online car insurance quote, and get back on the road!