On the job or out for fun, everyone wants to look their best. But if you groom your good looks while behind the wheel, you’re asking for trouble!

7 Reasons Not To Drive and Beautify

1. The world record for applying eye makeup is 10 seconds, more than enough time to unexpectedly introduce your vehicle to a guardrail, ditch or another car.

Car accident in the snow
2. Paint your nails while driving and they’re sure to dry fast as your arms wave in frustration after a wreck.

Polishing nails while driving
3. Shaving behind the wheel may lead to ugly consequences. A man can shave his face in 2 minutes, but a broken arm or wrist needs 6-8 weeks to mend.

Man shaving while driving
4. Brushing teeth on your morning commute? The average American brushes for 2 minutes; at 55mph, looking away from traffic only 10% of that time (12 seconds) means you’re traveling the length of 2.5 football fields without looking.

Man brushing teeth while driving
5. Of course your hair needs to be perfect. But don’t watch the mirror instead of where you’re going; it’s difficult to find a hairstyle that compliments teeth lost in an accident.

Woman fixing her hair while driving
6. Tweezing or filling those brows from the driver’s seat takes just a few seconds, more than enough distraction time to earn a black eye that is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Woman putting on makeup while driving
7. Applying skin cleanser, bronzer, lightener, exfoliating scrub, or moisturizer while driving? Your face will look fantastic, except for the expression of surprise and dismay you’ll wear after your fender bender.

Woman putting on lipstick while driving

When you’re on the go, avoid taking a gruesome turn via driving distractions. With your eyes and full concentration on the road, you’ll arrive safely, and that’s how to look your best!
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