24/7 Roadside Assistance (NSD Membership)

The General® offers a Roadside Assistance plan that is administered by Nation Safe Drivers (NSD). This optional program provides 24-hour assistance for towing and other emergency services. This service is not part of the insurance policy but the fee is included as a convenience.

NSD / TOWBUSTERS PLAN B Coverage and Benefits could vary by State. Please read your Agreement Carefully.

EMERGENCY ROAD SERVICE CONSISTS OF: Limit: No more than five (5) service calls within twelve (12) month(s) membership period or no more than three (3) within six (6) month(s) membership period. You are entitled to one (1) covered service within a seventy two (72) hour period. Covered services not obtained through NSD are limited to a maximum reimbursement amount of fifty dollars ($50).

You will be reimbursed for automobile rental expenses incurred if repair work to the Covered Vehicle is necessitated by reason of an accident with another vehicle which occurred while this Membership is in effect. Reimbursement for Auto Rental shall be for an amount of up to fifteen dollars ($15) a day for up to five (5) days during each membership period. For each occurrence, eligibility for reimbursement shall not commence until the second (2nd) day of such auto rental. If You are reimbursed by any insurance carrier, NSD is not responsible to reimburse You. Please be advised that NSD will only reimburse during the repair period and NSD covers the rental reimbursement only (this does not include taxes, insurance or any other surcharges which may be incurred at the time of rental). It is hereby agreed and understood that this Membership will be excess of any other valid and/or collectables coverages.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Please note that selecting 24/7 Roadside Assistance along with Towing and/or Rental Reimbursement in certain situations could be duplication of coverage when an accident is involved. Please see your 24/7 Roadside Assistance contract for more details.